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Saturday, May 17, 2008

My friend Robin turned me on to The Pioneer Woman blog and sometimes I wish I could just blog like she does. She's so clever and such a great photographer. Like when she's in the jeep (Gator) on her ranch, perusing the lay of the land, and gets stuck in the mud and starts sinking -- BUT SHE'S STILL TAKING PICTURES!!! What crazy person would do that?! But I love it!
Anyway....she had a photo of her daughter on there and I remember taking photos like that of my children. The one at left is one of my favorites.
Diligent Zee teaching Jee-willy to love the piano as much as she did. Thank goodness at that time I had a good - manual - camera and snapped this shot. I just happened to have b&w film in there (but later changed it to sepia in my PhotoDeluxe 2.0 program--it's simple and easy).
I can still see them both dressed in pink, though.
Zee would not wear any other color from the time she was 4 and could dress herself, until...maybe 12 or 13 when her favorite color became black... (she likes pink again, though, I think...)
Zee so big sisterly and little Jee so spunky. Does she look interested in playing the piano?
She looks interested in the photo opp.
Thank heaven she did become interested in the piano when she was a teenager. She now plays beautifully and loves music. Perhaps this great shot had something to do with it?.....

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