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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lug Nut Man

OK, so this pioneer woman blog has consumed some of my precious Saturday time because I kept going from link to link to link....thanks, Robin....
Anyway....after I was done reading about her flat tire, lo, and behold! my own (hyperactive) husband (definitely not a Marlboro Man -- or any other cigarette type) was taking the snow tires off of my van and trying to teach number two-son how it's done. Hyper husband always has to be busy and productive.

Two-son does not look thrilled either. He also vehemently told me he didn't want his picture taken.

He is that not thrilled....

Hyper Husband called it a 'lug nut wrench.' MM called it a four-way.
I guess there are different names for it from east to west... like soda and pop; like bag and sack, like gene-ealogy and genn-ealogy, etc.
Anyway...I've got to go do something better with my Saturday.....

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