Requisit Respite

Friday, August 14, 2009

I Can't Believe We Both Forgot Our Anniversary

Yeah...the title just says it all....
Then again...32 is a long time and we're old now (old-er anyway). We're not that happy-go-lucky young couple that got married in the 70s and went on our honeymoon in our '67 Chevy paneled van that broke down 3 times -- once in Boulder, Colo.(the steering console), once in Yellowstone Park (flat tire), and once at Mount Rushmore (dropped the muffler). I guess, even in 1977 a 1967 van was old.
Then there was the No-tel Mo-tel in Indiana, but that's a different story...
We ended our 3-week honeymoon a little early because we ran out of money....
oh, to be young again....
eh...maybe not.

Menopause Mom Ranting

I always thought I was born too late. I love music from the 30s and 40s and dancing the fox trot.
Now...alas...I have discovered I may have been born too early -- too early to cash in on all the mom blogging stuff out there in bloggerland.
I can't believe all the millions of blogs there are for moms. How sad that I and my generation of moms didn't have the same support group on the web. We didn't even have the web. We didn't even have a computer! We barely had VCRs, let alone Tivo and DVRs!
Now, if you have a bad day when a kid wipes his nose on your new, one-size-larger T-shirt, just blog about it and receive 431 comments from other moms ready to boo-hoo with you.
How do they even have time to READ 431 comments?
I was a stay-at-home mom and I didn't have a blog to refer to to ponder if I thought it was harder than working or how much guilt I felt about leaving a job or wanting to stay home. Now the bloggers appear on Oprah to vent their angst.
I shouldn't be so judgemental.
I would definitely be on Oprah if I was a mom blogger today. I would lament about how if it didn't happen on Sesame Street I didn't know about it. I would talk about the time I paved the way for nursing mothers when I sat on a bench in the Smithsonian Institute to nurse my baby in public -- so they can do it today! I would complain that I had to wind up the baby swing every 15 minutes, which meant the baby, who was only on the verge of falling asleep, woke up every 15 minutes when I wound up the swing. I'd tell about the time I had to call Poison Control twice in one week! How I mashed my own baby food from leftovers and froze them in ice cube trays. I don't even think ice cube trays exist anymore, do they?
Oh, I guess I'm just jealous.
I mean...I was a reporter and I would love to be able to be a stay-at-home empty-nester and write all day about my day. Uh....slept in....ate cereal...let the dog out....checked my e-mail....
I can see how that wouldn't work.
I'd still like to do it, though....