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Saturday, July 7, 2012

It Can't Be True!?

After all my blogs about St. Cecilia's and going to Catholic School, I just got word that the church had its last Mass last Sunday.

I was totally shocked. I had no idea. I'm still flabbergasted. My brother John emailed me. He said parishoners are to go to Holy Rosary now.

I am a member of the "You Might Be From Coatesville If" Facebook page and I posted it on there and got several comments. I guess it's money and politics. There are a lot of eighty-year-olds who are mad about it, I'm sure. It's the only Catholic Church right in the heart of town. There are two or more on the West End and Holy Rosary is on the East End. I don't know what those poor old people are going to do now.

My mom said it's in a bad part of town and it's not safe to go there. She also said the school moved to Route 82 outside of town and isn't a functioning school anymore.

Before I left for Utah, I drove all around Coatesville and made picture stops at St. Cecilia's, both church and school. I hope they don't tear it down. It was built with some native green stone.

Oh, were once a wonderful town to live grow up in. St. Cecilia''s where I was baptized, received my First Holy Communion, was confirmed. I was married there, and so were my parents. My grandparents' and my father's funerals were there.

My dad was Treasurer of the Holy Name Society and used to count the money from the collection baskets after church. I used to go over to the rectory afterward to get a ride home with him. I used to fold the church bulletins for Theresa Pahira in the rectory with Mona Trace and Nancy Antol after school on Fridays.


I'm glad I took those photos.

St. Cecilia's Church in background and rectory in foreground. 2010
This is the only one I can find. I'm going to have to do some digging in other places.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Mish

Tim got off his mission June 20th. YAYYY!!!!
He went back to PA first and got released and gave his homecoming talk, which I heard through the grapevine was very good.
He's coming here July 12th.  I can't wait to see him. We are all abuzz with fussing and fretting and waiting and gnashing of teeth. He's going to give a talk in my ward July 15th after he gets here.

♫♪Anticipation ♫♪

That's the  Home Alone house in the Chicago suburbs, by the way.


Guess what!
A call from my writer's group went out for a new bi-weekly blogger and my fingers typed, "I'll do it!"
What have I done?
It's a commitment!
There's a deadline!

I'm writing every other Thursday, starting July 5th. I already wrote it. It's on schedule pending.

Check it out:

What have I done?