Requisit Respite

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So, I've been reading my blog and figured it was time to come out of the funk. I won't talk about dementia or dying, at least not right now.
I attended the high school musical again this year -- "The Music Man." A real favorite. I live vicariously through all the students up on stage and long to be there! Maybe next year I'll see about joining a theater group in the area. I will never play the ingenue again, but I could play the ingenue's mother, right? Just think of all the fun roles there are: Aunt Eller, Mrs. Paroo, Blood Mary.... *sigh*
I'd also like to take art lessons. I teach them, but I don't do those for me. I want to take lessons just for me, so I can create. I've been away from creation for too long.
And I'd love to write again. I use the left side of my brain so much at work I've forgotten how to use my right. That's scary. Or maybe I'm just out of practice.
This blog should help, but it's not really writing. It's putting my thoughts into words. Right now my thoughts aren't all that great.
I'd also like to get back into genealogy research.
How can anyone narrow down to one thing? I like to do so many things. I'd get bored if I just had to pick one....
hmm... which would I pick? Painting? Writing? Acting?

I taught a class yesterday to the YW after our ward's breakfast. It was "Growing your Gifts Through Motherhood." Since I work with so many young women who are unwed mothers (is that even a nomenclature anymore?) -- One has two children with her 'fiance.' One left her son's father and is now living with another man -- NOT her son's father; How can that be good for those children? -- I thought I would dwell for awhile on how hard it is to be a mother. Once you have a baby in your arms, you can't do too much else. You can't type on the computer, you can't take a shower, you can't eat -- until the baby is taken care of. So many young girls think it is a badge of womanhood to get pregnant and have a baby. They don't think that being a mother never ends! You can't go out with your friends; you can't sleep straight through the night!
I kept asking them, "Do you get what I'm saying?"
They looked at me all doe-eyed and nodded their heads....
Then I told them what motherhood is supposed to be like and what happens to you -- once you are married (in the temple) and have a husband to help you with the family. I told them you become a nurse, a cook, a maid, a taxi driver, a teacher, a tutor.
I told them how important it is to learn homemaking skills. Homemaking is a dying art. I hope my girls don't live to see the end of it altogether.
Anyway...I'm ranting....
It was fun to teach the YW again. I'm so into Primary, I hope I didn't talk down to them...