Requisit Respite

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When Life Gets Hard

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When life seems too hard, I must remember the sacrifice that my Savior, Jesus Christ, made for me so that I can wallow in my self-pity, forgetting that, if I could trade anyone their burdens, I would, most likely, take up my own again. He bequeathed me that luxury.
He knows me, yet loves me.
He has descended below all, and conquered all. He is an empath.
I want to be like Him. I think He knows that. I hope He can forgive me my trespasses, knowing my heart . . . knowing my deepest desires.
He knows better than I.

Jesus, Savior, pilot me. Guide me. Show me. Help me, is my plea.
Thou art my refuge through life's harrowing storms. I run to Thee and I wish I could feel Thy arms around me and hear Thy voice say, "Be still. I am here for you."

I love Thee and I want to see Thy face someday and feel the warmth of Thy smile.
I long to hear the words, "Well done," for I do not know if I deserve to hear them.

I wrap myself in the promise of Thy Atonement and have every faith that Thou has ransomed me.