Requisit Respite

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She Knows

A poem by Alexander Knight
for his mother

Feeling pains of growing world --
the nothings that pain more --
She feels me whether near or far,
And holds me to her.

Her warmth's what heats my veins,
Her will holds up my weight;
What smiles me when I climb high,
She's proud of me always.

She holds my love inside her heart,
She made my walls and chambers --
With Mortar blood and tears --
My ribs -- her arms -- protecting,
Ever holding, ever loving.

Thru nothing pains,
I close my eyes and --
I know she knows --
I love her.
I love her.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Favorite Movies

If you asked me what my favorite movies are, I'd probably say all the classics from my age group -- musicals -- like, you know, "The Sound of Music," "Wizard of Oz," "Oklahoma," "My Fair Lady..."
Now at work it must be Musical Month, and if I hear "Doe, a Deer" one more time I think I'll scream! Or "I Have Often Walked Down This Street Before..." arrrgggh! I LOVED those songs.
I think this new monthly theme is ruining my love of the classic musicals.
No kidding... I think they play 3-4 times every day.

But then I got this e-mail with photos from the grown-up versions of the children who played in the movie, so all is well again....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I found Nie Nie

Ironically, I found NieNie's blogspot while perusing another of my friend's blogs.
I was JUST tonight speaking with Roslyn Kinneard. In her Christmas card she told us that her husband, Doug, had been killed in a plane crash -- no other information. I knew he was a pilot. I couldn't believe it!

So tonight I called Roslyn and talked to her at length about Doug and the Nielsons, Christian and Stephanie (NieNie), who both survived but with severe burns -- Stephanie over 80 percent of her body. Doug was the pilot who was helping to right the plane that NieNie's husband was flying as it had trouble in flight.
Stephanie and Christian Nielson were flying with Doug from New Mexico to Arizona. Christian was taking flying lessons from Doug. The plane had trouble and before it went down, Doug took the controls and tried to land the plane, but alas, even though he landed the plane, it caught fire and Doug's body was burned over 90 percent.
Roslyn said he was lucid, and was walking around and said he couldn't believe they were all alive. His poor body could not feel any pain because all the nerve endings were damaged. He remained in such a good mental state that he was able to instruct the EMT crew. He was conversing all the way to the hospital. I think the EMTs knew he wouldn't survive; I'm not sure if Doug did.
Roslyn said the nurses told her he was talking up a storm and they were sorry they had to intubate him because his body was going to swell up so much that his breathing would be cut off if they didn't. Roslyn was there and able to spend one last night with him.
They induced a coma, but the doctors and nurses said he could still hear them but couldn't respond.
Roslyn's whole extended family was there the next day, along with Doug's kids. He was given a blessing. He was removed from life support but his heart kept beating. Roslyn told the docs he had a runner's heart, so it probably wouldn't give up easily.
Roslyn's father then gave him a blessing of release and he died peacefully.
She told me about the NieNieDialogues blogspot and I decided to check it out.
Before that I checked my friend Debbie's blog and there was this button link to the NieNieDialogues! Freaky.

I never heard of it until tonight and then I saw it for the first time through another -- tonight!
Debbie, where did you find out about it?

Serendipity is my favorite word. Even though I know serendipity is really Providence, I like the way it sounds and I like saying it.


I told Roslyn that I just happened to have found a photo of my son in a plane with Doug when he was in Boy Scouts. I keep it next to my computer.
Roslyn remembered it.
Here it is -->

I still can't believe it. It only seems like yesterday that they were here in Perkasie and our children were playing together.

Good times...

I am amazed at Roslyn's resilience. She is so upbeat. I could hear the smile on her face. She said she has her good days and bad days. I pray she will have more good than bad.
Please e-mail her. She would love to hear from you I'm sure:
And check out

LUV U Doug <3
When did it happen,
the change from cool to balm whispering breezes
that once before were
harsh winter winds?
The change of the seasons is upon us;
flowers and blossoms protrude
from trees and bushes and bulbs;
splashes of purple and pink are everywhere;
and I watch from the window

It's spring now;
All that's alive awakens from the dreary winter slumber;
flowers, bushes and trees assau
lt the senses with intoxicating fragrance
and give the appearance of a Persian tapestry covering the new earth.
I ride in my car with my windows up

I can only look through the windshield of my car

May came in
riding a raindrop left-over from
an April thunderstorm.
The grass magically formed a plush emerald carpet

beneath the purple red bud (a dichotomy);
it's dotted with grape hyacinths playing peek-a-boo
with the violets
that bloomed first in April.
I imagine its thick touch from the window

I watch the neighbors
dressed in shorts and walking their dogs;
some push baby carriages
to show off their diminutive newborns
carried to term through austere winter months;
others stroll to the chant of motors as they
attempt to tame the grass;
They spot me lurking and smile;
and I wave from the window

All the animals come out to play;
the squirrels climb the trees and chase each other
around and around the back yard 'neath
the blooming white dogwood tree;
The bunnies hop lightly with a hobby horse motion; their downy tails wagging.
Spring is so exquisite and exhilarating.
I yearn to be part of it
but I can only, sadly, gaze from the window