Requisit Respite

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Before and After

I've been taking pictures of my progress in the gardens outside.  I've done virtually nothing inside, but I'm in no hurry.  I've been enjoying the weather, esp. in May and June.  It was lovely and just right for working outside.
Before I moved in, I took pictures of the whole place, inside and out.  Here are some photos of the transformation.  I've been having fun.

While I was working in my yard one day, I realized...there were no trees on my property.  My neighbor thought that was odd.  She said the properties were supposed to each have two trees. least I planted a little pear tree in the back yard.
planted a pear tree 5-30-11

I bought plants little by little.  I was discovering new varieties I had never seen before, like this little lilac bush that only grows 5 feet tall--and 5 feet wide.  It should be perfect for this spot.

Of course, I couldn't stop there.  I kept adding and adding things--annuals, perennials, seeds (that get eaten by these rather large snails.  They're HUGE!
But I love how it's going.  I keep watching the climatis grow and it gets bigger every day, I think.
1-24-11--before I moved in, I took pictures of the place. It was all graffiti and paint gun.
This is the BEFORE picture.

One of the biggest tasks I had to do was scrub the, already ugly, cinder block walls.  Apparently, this is how they put up fences in Utah.  Well, it's maintenance free--unless some kids shoot paintballs all over it--and spray paint it.  Sandy and I went to the hardware store and got some chemical that took most of it off.  There is still some residue, but I'm hoping it will eventually be covered by flora.

So, this is AFTER.  It's still ugly, but at least I got most of the paint off.

This is the best I could do with the spray paint.

So, I decided to move the raspberries that were behind that redwood plank over to the end of the wall.  Sandy did that for me.  It was actually the only thing he did to help me, except carry the odd bag of mulch from the car.  I'm pretty proud of myself for doing this work.

 Then there was the matter of the vegetable garden.  I never would have put this near the house.  But since it's there, I decided I would have to plant some vegetables this year.  This is going to go next year, though.  I have plans to have perifery raised bed gardens (is that a word?)--around the boundaries.

This area will be a patio next year (fingers crossed)

I pulled AAALLLLL the weeds and laid down black plastic.  I didn't want to have to bother with weeding. 
The garden is coming along.  I've already had some little broccoli.  The raspberries are starting to come in, too, though few because they were moved.

back garden 7-10-11.
 I love the suns with the climatis growing on them.
I still have to paint the front door, but I'd like to replace it.  Maybe next year. 
For now I guess I'll have to touch it up.  It's ugly.

That's what I'm doing!