Requisit Respite

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Continuing The Knight's Tale

So the knight is not to be outdone by a squirrel....

One morning this week I woke up to see this

The knight had strung a wire -- a tightrope, if you will -- from the oak tree to the cherry tree across the back yard.
If you look closely, you can sort of see the wire it is hanging from...right up close to the baffle.
The knight is sure he has baffled the squirrel this time. He said if the squirrel goes across this thin line hanging on for dear life, or walking it like a tightrope, then the squirrel is entitled to whatever it can get from the birdfeeder....
I hate to tell him I saw a squirrel on the birdfeeder the other day....

There is nothing so beautiful as an azalea bush flowering in all its glory. Azaleas mean spring has returned. I mean, spring is in full bloom when the azaleas open their petals.

Consequently, there is nothing so ugly as an azalea plant that has bloomed.

Why is that?

If I was in charge of flowers in nature, I would probably have them all bloom at the same time and all the time.

I know flowers bloom at different times and give us variety, blah, blah, blah... but I would have them bloom all the time...

....maybe that is why I'm not in charge of flowers.....


just my two cents.