Requisit Respite

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring is Here!

Being up on a fourth floor in Murray during spring is a treat. I can look down on the west side of the valley and see ‘popcorn popping’ in all different colors on the trees in the area.

I can’t believe they are blooming this early. I started to notice all the colors coming to work on Monday.

My drive to and from work provides me time to see all the trees that bloom in Utah. Mostly everywhere are flowering pear trees with their white blossoms. Flowering plums are also prevalent with small pale pink blossoms. I’ve seen quite a few redbuds, too. That’s one of my favorites.

I haven’t seen any Japanese cherry trees around here. Maybe they don’t do well. I think I spied one weeping cherry. I think I saw a flowering crabapple tree, too, with dark pink blooms.

Until my unfortunate accident, I had big plans for my yard. There were no trees and so far I only planted one pear tree. It’s not quite blooming yet. Real estate is scarce in my small yard, so I will have to be judicious in what I choose.

I think I would like a Redbud. I love how the neon purple buds turn into big heart-shaped leaves. And they grow too tall.

I would also like to have a hydrangea tree. They grow small and compact, but I’ve seen them twenty feet in circumference in Perkasie. Beautiful. It turns from white with green tint to brownish-beige-ish in the fall. I tried to grow one in Perkasie, but there was a drought that year I planted it and it died—I thought! Apparently the roots were saved and I had lots of limbs come up and it turned into a weeping hydrangea ‘bush’ that bloomed profusely and hung over the picket fence. I loved it! I measured time by it the year I left. I said to myself, I will have to leave before my hydrangea blooms or I will want to stay. It started blooming in August, right before I left. *sigh* I can still picture it in my mind, and, thankfully, I took lots of pictures. It’s probably not even there anymore.

I also want to put a lot of butterfly bushes in my yard to attract, not only butterflies, but humming birds. They are prevalent here in the Salt Lake Valley. I can’t wait.

Unfortunately, things might have to wait this year. I don’t have a working foot to bear down on a shovel. I have scads of doctor and physical therapy bills to pay. I’d also like to get some kind of island into the kitchen. I don’t know what ‘they’ were thinking when they designed my kitchen. Everything’s in a straight line and the oven/stove and frig are far away from the sink. Having an island might help transport things, if I get one on castors.

There are still buku repairs to make. I need new doors, front and back. That will be in the $1,000’s.

I am so blessed to have my job. God is good to me. I know he watches out for me in all I do. I am his daughter and He loves me like a Father should love His children. I have seen so many tender mercies in my life since 2010. Yes, it was the worst year of my life, but out of the ashes of tragedy came the conquering phoenix.

I love Utah. I’m glad I live here. I’m having fun making friends and seeing old friends—and renewing old friendships.

I am blessed. I know it. I am thankful. I am happy. I am healthy.