Requisit Respite

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gardening is Joy

Like I said before, the gardens are making me happy and working in them and then harvesting their beauty makes me smile.  I like it, so I'm doing it.

First broccoli and zuchinni 7-28-11. 
Just in case you wondered how big they are.
So, no, they're not bigger than a bread box.

This was my vegetable garden on July 10th.

 A few short weeks later, July 28th, it is quite bountiful. 
There is no space in between plants, and that was by design.

 My co-worker gave me some Black-eye Susans transplants.
 I didn't dream they would bloom this year!
I guess they will infest the whole garden area by next year. 
I might rue the day I planted them here, but I always like to give some away.

I had really forgotten how much I love flowers and I love to have them in the house to brighen up any and every spot I can find.  I went to D.I. (Deseret Industries, Utah's Thrift Store) and purchased some vases for $1.00 or $1.50 each, so I can give flowers away with their vases. 

I love this cobalt colored vase. 
The black-eyes Susans are a beautiful contrast and they really pop.

Roses are still prolific and I always have a vase or two or three in the house...

Yes, the vases say 'Sunshine' and 'Happiness.'  I couldn't resist.
On my dining table.

 (I usually take roses to work, too)

...on the piano.

 A few of my friends asked me to post pictures of the inside of my house, so, while taking this picture of roses, I realized it covers from the kitchen bar, which separates off the kitchen, through to the family room doors to the back yard.  It's a small house, with a BIG kitchen, then modest dining 'area' and family room or living room area.

My TV is in the SE corner and my recliners are placed across from it in a V-shape. I recline and relax at the end of the day to crochet or watch TV, but I haven't watched too much TV lately.  I haven't figured out if I watch TV to crochet, or I crochet to watch TV.  Maybe both.  I just finished a project--zebra cocoon--to send to a friend, but I haven't really had an incentive lately to crochet.

There's a fireplace on the east wall.  I plan to paint the cut-out wall above it in a Country blue color, already purchased.  Maybe when the weather cools down a bit. 

My oak secretary is next.  It is against the only wall where it would fit, so it is there for life.  Catty-corner is the dining table, then across from that is my piano and it is on the only wall it can be as well.  I suppose I can now start hanging pictures, but for some reason, I hesitate.  Maybe the rooms are not arranged as well as I would like and my psyche is preventing me from taking hammer and nail to the walls.  I don't know.  Perhaps the walls are just so pristeen I don't want to incise them, only to have to move things around later.

I'm having company come in a few weeks and I will take a poll on my furniture placement.  I am not a good decorator and often need another opinion.

I love my little house.  I thank God every day that I am in a cute little place of my own, just big enough for me to take care of on my own.  There are lots of big and little repairs to make (new garage door next week, sidewalk leveling some time soon--and who knows if my kitchen faucet will ever get fixed), but I know, with the help of God, I will survive--and thrive!