Requisit Respite

Sunday, May 3, 2009

When did it happen,
the change from cool to balm whispering breezes
that once before were
harsh winter winds?
The change of the seasons is upon us;
flowers and blossoms protrude
from trees and bushes and bulbs;
splashes of purple and pink are everywhere;
and I watch from the window

It's spring now;
All that's alive awakens from the dreary winter slumber;
flowers, bushes and trees assau
lt the senses with intoxicating fragrance
and give the appearance of a Persian tapestry covering the new earth.
I ride in my car with my windows up

I can only look through the windshield of my car

May came in
riding a raindrop left-over from
an April thunderstorm.
The grass magically formed a plush emerald carpet

beneath the purple red bud (a dichotomy);
it's dotted with grape hyacinths playing peek-a-boo
with the violets
that bloomed first in April.
I imagine its thick touch from the window

I watch the neighbors
dressed in shorts and walking their dogs;
some push baby carriages
to show off their diminutive newborns
carried to term through austere winter months;
others stroll to the chant of motors as they
attempt to tame the grass;
They spot me lurking and smile;
and I wave from the window

All the animals come out to play;
the squirrels climb the trees and chase each other
around and around the back yard 'neath
the blooming white dogwood tree;
The bunnies hop lightly with a hobby horse motion; their downy tails wagging.
Spring is so exquisite and exhilarating.
I yearn to be part of it
but I can only, sadly, gaze from the window



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