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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Story

So Mother's Day was nice.

I went to church for the first time in 2 weeks due to allergies...

Then I had to go to work. I was MOD (Manager on Duty), but only on Sunday. Another one of our managers had kids and I figured since most of mine were not here, I would take the post. Besides, it gave Number Two-Son time to make me


There were some high-functioning ladies sitting at the dining tables after lunch so I sat down to 'chat' with them for a minute.

I said, "So how was your party yesterday?" (they had a Mother's Day Tea on Saturday)

MILDRED: What party?
JOYCE: I don't remember any party...
SUSAN: You had a party for Mother's Day with entertainment.
MILDRED: I don't know anything about that.
JOYCE: I don't remember....
SUSAN: Do you remember the entertainment?
MILDRED: I don't remember.
JOYCE: I vaguely remember....
MILDRED: Oh, there was a girl playing the guitar, I think.
Lorenza, one of the aids, interjected, "It was a boy."
MILDRED: Oh, was that a boy? I don't remember.
JOYCE: I don't remember. A guitar, you say? Well, so much for entertainment.
Lori, an aid, walked by and interjected, "It was a banjo."
MILDRED: I don't remember.
JOYCE: I don't remember either.
SUSAN, annoucing precociously: Well, I guess you're in the right place!
At that, everyone at the table -- Mildred, Joyce, Jean and Eleanor -- threw back their heads and laughed out loud!

I'm glad they have good senses of humor....


Another funny story...well, funny now...

So for Mother's Day this year, 2008, after 30 years of marriage and four kids (... that's nine months of pregnant agony and who knows how many hours of labor for each child....) I got my very first Mother's Day corsage. (The YW had a fundraiser.)
I was sitting in sacrament meeting and saw all the mother's with corsages on their lovely dresses and figured I would have to resign myself to the fact that I just was never going to get one.
After sacrament meeting, my husband met with Jeong Myung Vest (YW leader) in the kitchen and got a corsage. I was talking with Wendie and Khyra Price in the foyer and husband came and handed me a corsage.
"There," he said with not much pomp and circumstance. "I'm out of the dog house."

This triggered a memory...

It was a Mother's Day long ago in the distant past when I had 4 little kids and we were in the middle of a harried Sunday morning getting ready for church.
It was 8:30 a.m. and I was trying to hurry everyone to finish breakfast, brush teeth, comb hair, get baby out of high chair, etc., etc. to get to church on time...
My husband appeared from the garage and shoved a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket in my face.
I paused to look at them, thanked him and kept on with my 'mom business.'
He said, "Make yourself a corsage."
I said, "Wha-?"
(He was serious!)
He said, "All the other mother's wear corsages on Mother's Day and you never do. So make yourself a corsage."
(did I mention it was 8:30 a.m.!!?? did I mention I don't own corsage supplies!!?? did I mention I had never made a corsage in my life!!??)
I gave him a 'look' and said, "That's because their husbands BUY them corsages from the flower shop!!"
He had no clue!!!

So...this is the first Mother's Day corsage I ever received -- and it's lovely!
I love it!
I changed out of my church clothes into jeans, but still wore it all day long!

Oh, and Number Two Son and Hyper Husband prepared me a very nice Mother's Day dinner -- steak on the grill, baked potato, asparagus and salad. Two-Son only made a few disturbing whining noises, but he did it.

Then HH made me a special dessert later -- a chocolate muffin, heated in the microwave, sitting on a bed of chocolate ice cream and he carved out the middle and filled it with chocolate ice cream and drizzled chocolate syrup on top. YUM! It was delicious!

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Niblet said...

Wow, a corsage?? Jim has never given me one, and I've only received flowers from him about 5 times - and two of those were those convenient times, like when I had a baby at Easter time so there were plenty being sold on the corner/intersection. A couple of years ago for Mother's Day he gave me a single piece of Sees Candy in a cute tiny red box. Mmmm "So you got this yourself?" Yes. I thought some more... "You just went to Sees at the Mall and got this one little piece?" "Well, not exactly. They were giving them out in the other ward where I was visiting. But I brought it home for you!" *sigh* A wife takes what she can get. The girls try to make up for it, and this year Chelsea and her friend made me (requested) Tijuana Tacos. YUM! robin