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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ah, Spring....

I haven't written in awhile.

Allergy season is upon us all. Today was one of the worst days so far. I ran from the house to the car this morning. I had to take Rusty to the groomer on my way to work. While I was driving down 5th Street, I had a stream of violent sneezes. I almost put my back out! Then my nose began running like a faucet. I realized I didn't have a handkerchief.
I dropped Rusty off, then went back home to get a hanky, take my inhalers again and popped a Suda-fed to stop my nose from running.


Then they opened the door at the cottage because it was such a nice day and the residents wanted to go outside.
Why am I so cursed?
I can only enjoy the outdoors from the indoors.
And spring is so lovely around here. Our flowering trees were beautiful.
And the lilacs so intoxicating.
And now the azaleas are blooming.
Oh well... I was never sympathetic with Henry when we were growing up. He would sneeze and sniff all day long and all I could say was, "STOP SNIFFING!" I did not have any sympathy.
So my mom's adage, "If you are not sympathetic, God will make you empathetic," was proven once again.

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