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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This Week

So, this week I am working the spotlight for "Beauty and the Beast," the Pennridge High School musical.
Being around the stage and music brings back so many fond memories. I am living vicariously through the students. I feel their fatigue. I feel the hoarse voice. I feel the unexplicalbe excitement and thrill running through my veins through theirs. It's hard to explain.
I'm also very critical. I see a lot of ways I could make the play better. But that's me. I always think of myself as an innovator. Give me something and I'll make it work better. Let someone else do the legwork and I'll come in and clean it up. I'm glad I realize that about myself. I'm not so much creative; I'm innovative. (imagine me patting me on the back)
Maybe that's why I'm probably a better editor than writer. Give me your idea and I'll fix it.
Yeah, I love to write, too. Maybe I need an editor...hmmmm...

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