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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OSCI II course

So in September 07 I took the OSCI II course with Donna Dewberry.(wo...a little makeup would go a long way...)

This is Donna's yellow circle canvas. This is the reason why I took this course.
I thought it was so beautiful.
She created this look from tapestries she had seen and Oriental rugs, wallpaper.
I just loved it and wanted to learn it.

These black canvases were more artwork I HAD to learn.

There is a grouping of 4. Maybe one day I will do all four.

Right now I only did the one she went over in the class -- the "Audrey" from "Little Shop of Horrors" (there, I remembered the name of the musical). The plant on the left looks like Audrey--the man-eating plant.

Closeup of Donna's "Audrey."

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