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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bunny Blanket Bunnies

I just gave Lynn Schoendorfer a huge bag of crocheted items for my preemies down at Abington Hospital. She is a NICU nurse part-time, so I crochet up a storm, then send everything down with her. I found this cute pattern for a Bunny Blanket Buddy on-line and decided I would do them for the preemies. I also crocheted bunny ears on the hats to go with them.
Lynn sent me an e-mail the next day:
"Hi Susan, I just wish you could have been in the unit this morning when I took in the bag of items you made, first off the nurses loved the card you wrote and I told them that you did the painting on it, they were amazed, then we started to open up the bunny blanket bunnies, and we all (including myself) were so impressed, they are so beautiful, and clever. How do you ever do all that you do? Everything you make is so beautiful and well done, you are so talented and giving of yourself. One of the babies I was caring for today is a darling little trisomy 21 baby that has had some cardiac issues, etc. and his mom was so excited to receive one of the bunnies, it really made her day. Thanks again for all you do. Love, Lynn"

I think I am addicted to making these bunnies now. It's a good thing Easter is in March this year and I could send them in and not feel weird.
However, I think I will keep making them because they are so darn cute!

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