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Friday, March 14, 2008

B&B pix

The whole cast on stage. My camera couldn't really zero in on a good photo. Too far away.
Christina Olindo and Gina Manfredi waiting to get mic'd before dress rehearsal for B&B.

Saige Martin was Cogsworth; Gina Manfredi was Belle; and Christina Olindo was Mrs. Potts. They all did excellent jobs. They truly owned their parts.

Cheryl Doughty played Babette. She is so cute. I so enjoy watching her every year. She is a senior and alas I will not see her in any more PHS shows....

Turck did an OK job as the Beast. He even sang on key most of the time. I was impressed. I'm not privvy to all the back stage gossip, so I don't how he really did back stage this year, but there were no broken bones, I don't think....

This is a closeup of the cast picture. My camera couldn't handle it all. You can see Gina and Turck as Beauty and the Beast.

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