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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Great Blessing

Back in March, right after my birthday, I had dinner with Jay and Jane Kessler. It seems like this is a yearly thing for us in March. I wish I could see them more often that that.

After we touched base, told our stories, and ate good food, I asked Jay to give me a priesthood blessing. The one he gave me last year was so extraordinary, I was hoping for the same this year. I asked Jane to write it down for me.

I think the overarching message from my Heavenly Father was Peace and Calm. I heard those words several times throughout the blessing.

At one point he said I wouldn't have to worry about anything.  And I would be safe. There is an aura of safety and protection around me--even my car!

Here's what Jane scrawled:

He said God can amend the elements.

All the blessings of heaven will be yours.

The Lord will manifest to the heavens because you are virtuous woman.

Peace. Peace in your heart and soul.

Strength to continue on and move forward in faith

He addressed my knee and ankle by saying "The Holy Ghost heals bones and bodies."

He had a vision of my future. Your sealing is good and your future is bright. You will see your future with tears of joy.

You've gone through many trials. Time of peace is coming.

Read scriptures.

Time of coming of world is nigh. Maybe he said the second coming is nigh.

You will grow firmer and firmer in knowledge of God.

Take no thought as to what you may need.

Serve in humility.

The Lord will guide you in the path you should go when it presents itself.

I think Jay is going to be a Patriarch after his run as Stake President in Magna.


Tanza Erlambang said...

nice post

Susan said...

Thank you, Tanza. How nice of you to comment.