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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Just My Two Cents

This is not in keeping with the Christmas spirit of love and joy, but I was taken aback by the Time Magazine 2016 Person-of-the-Year cover listing Donald Trump as the President-Elect of the Divided States of America.

I had to chuckle. Then I just hissed in exasperation.


I'm sure the media meant for him to be blamed for dividing America. If read with a conservative POV, we acknowledge that a divided United States is what will be left to him when he takes office.

The media is so inundated and infused with Liberals and Democrats, that they haven't noticed how divided the country has been for the last eight years!?!  That's ludicrous!--ludicrous that it's been divided for eight years, and ludicrous that Democrats/liberals didn't notice--and didn't notice who is the divider.

Eight Years Later Obama Still Blames Cops, Perpetuates Race Problems in America

BO has been the most divisive of all presidents since I've been alive. He set back Civil Rights, well, right back to the 1960s! It's as scary as I remember it growing up in a town of 60/40 white to black population. Instead of promoting his (half) race, BO has scorned policemen and blamed them for the problems caused by racists/criminals, who don't realize, in their idiocy, that actions have consequences. Democrats seem to strive to take away consequences (that's my opinion and how I see it). But that's not how the real world works.

He has bowed to dictators, turned a blind eye to terrorists, and named "deplorables" to cabinet posts that have sent conservative people to the vomitoriums for years.* Imagine, naming a criminal--a known criminal (except maybe the press didn't know--duh!)--Hillary Clinton--as our Secretary of State!?! **

That picture of the Statue of Liberty crying, or whatever--I think a conservative created that graphic eight years ago. We've been face palming and banging our heads against the wall for the last eight years. Nobody reported it. Nobody protested in the streets or pillaged like the childish behavior that happened November 9, 2016 and the weeks beyond. I was appalled by that behavior.

I'm not thrilled with Donald Trump either. I would have rather had Ted Cruz for president, to be honest. But DJT is who the Republicans nominated, and DJT is who won, so we have to deal. I hope and I pray he will truly lead this country to be great again. Hopefully his advisers will advise him not to speak--and to get off Twitter. At any rate, he's not BO. Thank goodness BO will leave office.

Our country has lost so much in the last eight years. The only thing we gained is a national debt (I think it's up to $21 trillion now) that will never be able to be paid off. And BO said President Bush should be ashamed of himself for leaving him, BO, a $2 trillion debt . . . DJT will have a $21 trillion debt left to him . . . Where's the press on that one? I haven't heard anything . . .

I really don't know why anyone would want to be president. You end up with mud on your name, nobody likes you, everybody hates you. I guess it's for the power hungry (duh), but I hope we get some good stuff happening soon, like fixing the healthcare system (why can't we have no-fault insurance for health like we have for autos--lotto-like?), carrying out consequences for terrorism and murder, jailing criminals--legal or illegal, and giving incentives to do good, like with small business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors.

Just my 2¢.

*Democrats will now get touche'd and see how they like it.
*Those who lived, and were politically savvy, during her husband's (travesty of a) presidency, remember HRC as a no-good. lying criminal, along with her husband.

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