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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

I already did a look-back for the year 2011 and I am really looking forward to 2012, which starts for me in about 11-12 hours.  So right now I'm looking back on my 2011 Christmas celebration to round out the year.
The Night Before Christmas

Christmas was wonderful--the whole weekend!  Jewely and James surprised me by coming a day early!!!!!  I was expecting them late Saturday night and the others played along fantastically.  They kept asking me, "Do you know when Jamely's coming on Friday?"
"No, I don't know."
Zannah said, "Well, Nick and I don't want to be too late watching the movie." ("It's a Wonderful Life--our Christmas Eve tradition)
"Why don't you call them and see when they're coming?"

I was in shock when I saw Jewely's face peak around the couch Friday evening around 7:00.  I thought Zannah and Nick had walked in the door.  They were planning to come and 'hang out' for the evening. I always sit with my back to the kitchen/doors, so I never know who's coming and going.  I think I'm going to have to re-think my sitting spot!  I can't even remember what we did Friday night, I was still in shock!

On Christmas Eve day, the boys (James and Sandy) did their Christmas shopping (???)  Jewely and I watched "The Help" and prepared all the food for Christmas brunch and dinner.  She had made a French Silk pie before she came, so that was taken care of. (it was soooooo gooood!)
Christmas Eve night we all gathered and watched "It's a Wonderful Life."  We laughed, we cried, we quoted passages along with the movie.  It was a wonderful night--one of my favorite traditions.

Christmas Day began with Skyping with James' family in Pinetown, South Africa.  They are nine hours ahead of us, so their day was winding down at 9:30 a.m. Mountain Time.  Since it's summer in Africa, they said it was hot and they had gone swimming to cool off.  It was so nice to see/hear them.  The little kids, Logan and Morgan, are so darling.
Then we all went to church at 10:00 a.m. at my ward.  We took up 3/4 of the back pew.  s.m.i.l.e.
Then we came home and started to bake our Christmas brunch.  Jewely and I had cooked and pre-assembled everything the day before, so all we had to do was bake everything--egg casserole and French toast casserole, and Zannah brought some cinnamon buns to bake.
Zannah putting the icing on the cinnamon buns
Meanwhile, our missionary, Elder Tim Knight, called from Chicago--specifically, Cary, IL in the Crystal Lake area.  We all took turns talking to him.  I got the phone after I was done eating and ambled (hobbled) into my bedroom so I could hear him over the chatter coming from the dining area.  He's doing well, I'm glad to say.  He said the blessing on our meal before we ate, so he was part of our gathering.
After my turn on the phone, we went into the living room and opened our stockings, all the while taking turns to speak to Tim.  It was very hard to hang up, I'll tell ya'.

Nick talking to Tim while Zannah empties their stocking.

Sandy talking to Tim while the boys (men) chat

The kids got me a beautiful large picture from Hobby Lobby to hang over my piano.  Here's a picture of it:
My kids got me this for over the piano.  It's perfect!
They also got me a birdhouse and I received some gift cards, too.
Me and the birdhouse--and crutches, of course.
Even though the boys wanted to play with their new video games, I made them pause for awhile so we could have a spiritual program.  I researched and focused on Mary this year and shared from the Apocrypha and the Protevangelion--lost books of the Bible.  It's the only thing we have on Mary and her family, except in Luke Chapter 2.  It gave us insight as to what all the things were that she pondered in her heart, one of my favorite scripture verses.  Then we watched a short video made by our church on the birth of Christ.  "A Gift to the World."
It was very spiritual.  Very much needed to bring us around to the reason why we celebrate.
Zannah and Nick had to leave about 4:00 to go to his grandma's for dinner, so the boys got to play and Jewely and I watched one of her (two) new Josh Groban DVDs (that I got for her).
We had a late dinner--Honey Baked Ham, macaroni and cheese, and a salad (that nobody ate).  Later we had pie--it was the most delicious French Silk pie I've ever tasted!!!  Good job, Jewely!  She loves to cook and bake. end the day...we played Rock Band. I know, not very spiritual.

Monday we all had off.  The kids all slept in and then went out to a late breakfast at the Belgian Waffle House, then they all went shopping to spend their gift cards.  I stayed home and spent some quiet time.  I am still not very mobile, especially to go shopping.
About 3:00 ZanNick picked me up and we all met at The District in South Jordan to see the movie "Sherlock Holmes."  It was fantastic!  Then we came back here and had some more ham dinner and then Zannah went home to bed because she had to go to work early the next day. Nick joined the rest and went to Outback Steakhouse to sample some appetizers. James had never been to one, so he really wanted to go.  I stayed home again for some quiet time.
When they came back, they all ended up in the basement doing who knows what (haha).

Tuesday, Sandy was bummed because he couldn't flex his schedule to spend a little more time with Jamely.  I took this whole week off, so I was able to spend time with them.  Jewely and I watched the other Josh Groban DVD and we talked and talked. 
After work, Zannah and Nick came over and we all Skyped with the Tobelmann Family at Warren's house.  It was so great to see the (almost) whole family.  The kids are getting so big!!!  The twins were so cute.  Trudie and Trixie are the youngest of the Tobelmann cousins.  Jeff was hilarious to talk to.  He is the comedian of the family.  His comic timing is ingenious.  He had us all laughing.
ZanNick had to go to Nick's family for dinner and Jamely and I had a little something, too.  They didn't leave until about 7-7:30.  I missed them before they pulled out of the driveway.

*sigh*  another Christmas come and gone.  It was Wonderful!

Here are some pictures:
Nick wearing a hat I made him.  He gave Zannah a book.
Sandy got coal--again!

I made Jewely a Harry Potter scarf

James got an electric car scraper from ZanNick
Alex all decked out in an Eagles ensemble
I got ZanNick a Santa


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