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Friday, December 23, 2011

2011--Oh, What a Year!

So, 2010 was a horrendous year for me--finding out about husband's shenanigans; deciding to leave him (good riddance!).  I consider it the longest year of my life.  I didn't realize how much I would miss my friends and family in Pennsylvania.  I figured, there's only one way to go--UP-- right?  2011 can only be better.
And it was...until September 3rd.
So, let's see what has happened this year...

January, 2011--still living with Meyersons (bless them abundantly, Lord) * found a house * thankful for my job

February, 2011--bought my house February 10th * moved in February 19th * was greeted by the many good people of the Midvale East 2nd Ward

March, 2011--Zannah's wedding on March 11th, my birthday * got my divorce notice (YAY!)
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Trujillo
Sealed in the Salt Lake Temple March 11, 2011

April, 2011--Alex moved in with me to live in my basement apartment
This is a terrible picture of Alex, but the only one I have at the moment

May, 2011--started planning and planting my garden--total bliss! * called as Sunbeam teacher at church * joined the Old Glory Vintage Dance group (it's so much fun!)

My back garden in May
June, 2011--helped with the Tour de Cure bike ride sponsored by SelectHealth * fell in love with Brigham City * went to the Utah Arts Festival in SLC with Zannah and Nick (so fun!). There was a whole display of a Knit-a-thon (crochet, too) where everything was covered in knitted or crocheted yarn--trees, parking meters, bicycles--even a whole car!  We also saw a performance by Ballet West, which is why Zannah wanted to go.  We rode Trax and had a great time.
Tour de Cure riders getting ready to ride. Beautiful backdrop.
I didn't realize I got the temple in the background. It was several blocks down the road.
The Wild Bird Refuge was closed due to flooding.  Maybe next year!

The new Brigham City temple, under construction

They knitted everything--even a car!  That's me standing next to the car.


Zannah and Nick waiting for the ballet performance.  It was wonderful.

They knitted and crocheted trees...

...and even bicycles--poles--parking meters--everything! 
It was so fun to discover all the places and things
that had been knitted and crocheted

July, 2011--visited Jewely and James in Rexburg * visited the Campbells in Idaho Falls * stopped in at Brigham City again (why am I drawn to that place?) and saw the angel Moroni on top of the almost completed temple * went to a couple of rodeos with Bonnie (who knew I would love rodeos?)
July 4th rodeo in West Jordan. 
There were fireworks after.  That made my day complete.

Brigham City temple with Angel Moroni

August, 2011--had a Divorce Party--I mean, a "First Anniversary of My Flight to Freedom" party with my PA Pals * had visits from Theresa Sneed and Betsy Love from Arizona;  hosted a book signing for them at my house! What fun! I also went to a book signing/reception for them and rubbed shoulders with authors and editors and publishers (bliss!) * Carla and Ellen Campbell visited from Idaho (so great!); we went to This is the Place Park and to Joe's Crab Shack (YUM!); we attended Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday before they left to go home * Jewely visited for a day or two and we went to Hogle Zoo * (I can't believe I didn't take any pictures. I have to be better with bringing my camera)

September--da.da.daaahhh * while painting a tiny cut-out wall over my fireplace, the ladder I was standing on collapsed and I ended up in the ER. No break was seen on the X-rays, so it was assumed to be a bad sprain.
This was the little wall I was painting when the ladder collapsed.

This looks like a very bad sprain, doesn't it?

This is me, the day before surgery, standing and kneeling on my knee walker
in front of the little wall that Sandy painted in 15 minutes.
 October--finally got an MRI October 11th which disclosed a displaced fracture in the talus bone; surgery needed immediately; surgery on October 17th disclosed dislocated tendons and ligaments; out of work for 3 weeks * my mom flew in from Florida for a week (nice!)

November--follow-up doctor appointment November 1st; stitches out * back to work on November 7th * one-year anniversary at SelectHealth November 22nd (so grateful for my job and understanding boss)
December--started Physical Therapy December 7th; was told I am in the very beginning stages of recovery.  I may not walk without a boot until May.  I may not fully recover for 12 months.

So, I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with three out of four of my kids (and their spouses).  I can't wait to talk to my missionary on Christmas Day, so we will all technically be together that day, via technology.

The year 2011 was mostly wonderful, until Labor Day weekend.  I worked on gaining my freedom and learning who I am, forging a new identity in a new state, new city, new job.   I hope to be able to finish my book, take some creative writing classes and maybe some art classes.  I'm also thinking about taking voice lessons from my friend, Jane Kessler, if she'll teach me. 

So, I'll say again, there's only one way to go--UP--right?  Yes, I choose to believe that.
Merry Christmas 2011

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