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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


15 Lovely Blogs
(Because I Received a Blog Award)

Marsha Ward, a fellow ANWA colleague (American Night Writers Association) has awarded "Requisite Respite" the "One Lovely Blog Award."  Her lovely blog is Writer in the Pines.  Please check it out!
Thank you, Marsha!  You are too kind!

In order to accept the award, I have to share seven random facts about myself. Here they are:

1. I'm a former award-winning newspaper reporter.
2. I love art and crafts and music.
3. I just set up an Etsy Page (suzistitches--still in the beginning stages; give me some time).
4. I moved to Utah from Pennsylvania a little over a year ago.
5. I have four wonderful children, my youngest now serving a mission in Chicago.
6. I am recovering from surgery on a broken foot.
7. I am trying my hand at writing a book.

Now, here's my list of fifteen lovely blogs. I hope you will visit them and say hello to the lovely bloggers who write them:
1. Too Much Information (Debbie Hill)
2. Kathy Davis (my friend, the greeting card et. al. artist)
3. The Pioneer Woman  (really fun)
4. The Meanest Mom  (Jana Mathews--very clever)
5. Nie Nie Dialogues (StephaNIE NIElson--inspiring)
6. Theresa Sneed
7. Betsy Love
8. keepapitchinin  (Amy Tanner Thiriot)
9. The Courtney Connection
10. The Meyersons
11. Draw Near Unto Me  (Lori Courtney helped inspire me to create a spiritual blog)
12. Eric Forsyth's Music  (please check out his wonderful music!)
13. Napoleon Clan  (Mandi inspired me to start a blog)
14. John Barclay Photography, Dream Believe Create

To claim the award, you must:

1. Thank the giver and link back to his or her site.
2. Provide seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award to fifteen other blogs, then let them know, and link to their sites.
4. Copy the award logo and paste it on your site.

1 comment:

Susan Knight said...

I guess I can't count.
I only have 14 blogs.
Silly me....