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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Weeks Later...the saga continues

This is as far as I got on Sept. 3rd
So, on September 3, 2011, Labor Day weekend, I decided to paint the little wall over my mantle.

"No problem!" I said to myself.

 I had bought the paint and this A-frame ladder months ago.
How did I know the thing would collapse on me? --literally!

So at the end of September Sandy painted the wall for me.

It took him all of 15 minutes.

But still my ankle/foot did not get better.



9-25-11  Who knew I had a bruse on the bottom of my foot? well as all over my foot and ankle still by the end of the month?

By 10-1-11 it still didn't look much better
and the doctor discovered my toes were going out of alignment
so they had to be taped.
I know...ugly, right?

It is still bruised after a month and a half.

So, on Tuesday, October 13, 2011, I FINALLY had an MRI.  It showed a displaced fracture of the talus bone in my foot.  It was not caught on the X-ray. Apparently, these breaks are rarely seen on X-ray.
After the MRI, my doctor, the podiatrist, called me right away and told me she would make an appointment for me with an orthopaedic surgeon who specialized in this kind of surgery.


So I saw him on Friday and I'm having surgery tomorrow.  That was quick!  The surgeon said, "I wish I would have seen you a week after this happened."
", too."

(I feel like I've wasted 6 weeks of my life) except I've done a LOT of crocheting.
Yeah, crochet, scooter, recliner, TV...that's pretty much my life right now.
But the preemies at Intermountain Healthcare got a lot of cute hats and cocoons this last month and a

        I even designed a new pea pod cocoon.  I hope they like it.

Day Before Surgery

Just me and my Knee Walker in front of the adorable wall that started this whole mess.
But doesn't it look great?

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Anonymous said...

Argh what a nightmare! But you are adorable. :-)