Requisit Respite

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Weeks Ago...'s been two weeks since my accident and when I woke up today and looked at my foot, I could actually see space between my usually swollen toes.  They are still purple (and green), but they are thinner.  I'm still taking it easy today and will tomorrow, too.  I found someone to take my Primary class again.
I even hobbled outside briefly and saw the state of all my flower gardens.  *sigh*  Oh well... I won't be able to get in and weed them or prune the roses or cut some of my beautiful zinnias for a bouquet right now, but I forgot how beautiful and profuse flowers are in September.  So I took a book outside, sat in my anti-gravity chair and finished it while steeling glances at the back garden and feeling the sun and a cool wind on my body.
I read in Organic Gardening to plant Morning Glories with Sunflowers so they will grow up the lanky stalks.  I think that was a mistake.  It looks like my sunflowers are choking as they droop over with masses of Morning Glory vines encompassing them.  haha.  It's from lack of supervision these last two weeks. I went out almost every day to arrange the vines on the side fence, so they are definitely rebelling from lack of discipline.
It's really amazing what a difference a split second can make in your life.
I have decided to be positive and when people ask how I'm doing, I am saying, "Better, thanks," and then believing it.  It has made a world of difference since I was feeling sorry for myself because I can't do anything.
But I know that my Heavenly Father is watching out for me and my angels were working overtime.  When I think what could have happened and what did makes me oh, so grateful for His love.

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Theresa Small Sneed said...

Ohhhh! I had no idea you had an accident! So, sorry my dear friend! Wish I was there to help you weed your beautiful gardens!!! Love you!!!!!