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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some More Garden Blogging

 My back garden in July
By August 21st--my, how it's filled in

July, when I first planted the Black-eyed Susans

The Wave Petunias have really grown in and filled in the sparse areas...and the little zinnias have too.
OK, so next year--lots of Wave Petunias!
The vegetable garden was looking good in July.  Notice where the sunflowers are in the back.
The sunflowers are all now blooming and tall.
I keep waiting for the blue Morning Glories to bloom.  They are growing all along the fence and even up the sunflowers.  They held them up during a recent rain/windstorm.  I remember them blooming for the first days of school in Septembers in the past, so they will bloom soon, I hope.
The cantelope vines on the right only have baby melons.  I dont know if the growing season is long enough here for them--or maybe it's just the location in my yard.
Front garden in July--looks OK...

This is a month later in August.  Yes...more Wave Petunias next year.

On the side in July--Rudbekia, Russian Sage, Daisy, and a tiny cosmos sprout  in the middle front.

A month later the little tiny cosmos takes over

Herb garden in July....

...and below in August.
Wow, until you compare side by side, you really can't see the difference.
The basil globes are a lot bigger.  I thought they didn't grow at all.
And the lemon thyme will be profuse next year, I hope.
The lavender on the right has spread, too.
And here's hoping the lilac bush will spread out next year and take up a lot of space--with lots of perfumey flowers!

 Here are more views of the side garden.

OK.  It's decided.  Note-to-self: more Wave Petunias next year!

I've had so much fun with flowers and herbs this year.
I've been told we will not have much more summer weather and autumn usually settles in earlier. The nighttime temps are in the 60s.
We shall see. I'll be happy for whatever God gives me. I'm thankful for the dry weather here. It's much more conducive to outdoors for me. I get to walk to church down the street. Even in the 90-degree heat, I can still function.

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