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Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Garage Door

I know my neighbors are jealous.  I've had a few come over to admire my new garage door and hear the harrowing story about how the garage proceeded to come off the track one morning while I was on my way to work--and how my neighbor was there to raise the door for me while I backed my van out, etc.
So, as of August 12th, I have a new garage door.  I like the windows.  Now my garage is always bright inside and I don't even need to use the light unless it's nighttime.
 Old garage door
New garage door
As of August 12, 2011


Susan Knight said...

I just had another neighbor (guy) come over two nights ago to admire my garage door. It's so funny. It must be a guy thing. Maybe I've started a trend. These houses were all built at the same time. If I had trouble, maybe the others will soon, too.

Sharron Folkes said...

Woah! This Garage door is really beautiful! And aside from its astonishing color combination, its landscape design is really amazing. The flowering plants at the side of it made it a head-turner. So no doubt all your neighbors must be jealous of that! So how’s your garage door now after a year? Hope to see your recent photos… I am excited to see how your plants have grown and about your garage doors’ improvements as well. :)

Libbie Olivas said...

I think the windows are a huge improvement on the doors! I hope the newer garage door has not failed since it was first installed! Does it open with a remote? And can you open it from inside your car?

Steve Le said...

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