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Saturday, January 1, 2011

In My Life: random thoughts of a new Utahn

I feel very blessed to be here in Utah, but I must admit, around this time, I think of family that is still back in Pennsylvania.
I had a good conversation with brothers, sister, nieces, nephews and in-laws at the annual Tobelmann gathering at Christmastime last Monday.  My mother said it.  "Skype is a  miracle!"  And so it is.  It was just like being there, except we didn't have any of the comfort food served that night.  Alex came over and Zannah brought Nick to meet the family.  They gave him a pretty rough going, but he withstood it.  I think he passed the scrutiny.  I told him...marry the girl, marry the family.
Zee & Nick had to leave, but Sandy stayed.  We had to 'hang-up' so Kathy could Skype from Florida, but when Kathy hung up, Sandy and I got on again.  They were cleaning up.  I got to have some good conversations with John and Lori --and Billy (haha).  I love Skype!
Warren said he made Chicken Fricasse.  It's something I rarely made, but it does remind me of growing up.  And Lori's Christmas cookies....
Chicken Fricasse, Red Beans and Rice, Gumbo, Tapioca, Rice Pudding...New Orleans food that was served regularly.  There are some foods I didn't make for my family, but I have a remembrance of them.
I know I am forgetting some.
We knew we were going to have red beans and rice if we had a ham dinner, which wasn't often.  Now I look forward to Christmas and Easter food so I can make red beans and rice.  I also had a magnificent garden and grew okra (which grew like weeds!) so I could make the coveted Gumbo with shrimp, crab or chicken.  Gumbo is a leftovers meal.  Granny said you look and see what you have leftover in the refrigerator, then you make the roux and dump in whatever you had.  But you had to have okra.
I have found that okra can be skipped, but I guess it's not authentic then.

I got to Skype with my mom on Christmas Day, too.  She just got it.  It was great to see her.  SEE her!  She asked, "What was that show you watched as a kid when they could talk to and see the person?"
"The Jetsons."
"I feel like it's the Jetsons!" she exclaimed.
"Except I'm waiting for that contraption that comes down and fits over your head and does your hair and makeup so you're presentable on the screen," I lamented.

I was beginning to think Christmas cards were redundant because of Facebook and email and all the many facets of communication available these days.  Who needs to have a Christmas letter that tells me things I already know?
But, I must say, receiving Christmas cards from all my friends and family REEEEEEALLY made me feel loved and thought about.  The fact that they went out of their way to get my address and sign a card and write the address and place a stamp on an envelope and take it to the post office....really warms my heart.  I hope I will be able to send Christmas cards next year.  I will make it one of my goals.  Of course I have to 'make' them, so that sets me back a few months, but I will relish it.  I miss doing my artwork--I miss crafting.  It's been over a year since I painted.  I want to paint again. 

I bought my mother-of-the-bride dress yesterday.  Bonnie went with me to the Southtowne Mall, just about a mile away from here.  I got the first dress I tried on!!! Bonnie couldn't believe it.  She said she would have to go shopping with me more often.  She said it took her forever to get a dress for her son's wedding last year.  I researched it online, then took the picture to Dillards, the saleslady led me to the dress, told me I should wear a Petite size (bless you, lady!) and set me up with about a half-dozen dresses in the dressing room.
I liked it the minute I put it on.  But, to appease Bonnie, who couldn't believe I could just get the first dress I tried on, I tried on another one.  It was similar to the first, but much more dressy.  I really liked it, but it was definitely something I could only wear to a wedding.  I really did like it.  It was feminine and dressy with a taffeta flower on the assymetrical neckline.  I thought I looked good in it.
But I got the first. 
I am too practical for my own good.
It is also feminine and dressy, but can be worn to church, too, if I want to.  I also got a bolero sweater to go with it (it will probably be cold in March), and the sweater would not go with the second dress.  It's black but I can also wear a colored tank top underneath with one of Zannah's colors (purple and green).
It has a collar and rhinestone buttons on the front and on the cuffs of the 3/4 sleeves.  It has a rouched waist/bodice and a full skirt made of taffeta with an underslip with tulle to make it fluff out.  I love it!.
They were both Loretta Young-type dresses.  I made it a point to 'twirl' in the mirror. 

Last night Bonnie and I brought in the New Year with a glass of Sparkling Pomegranite-Apple bubbly stuff.  We waited up to midnight, but we were both tired.  Mike was out delivering pizza.  He didn't get in until almost 2:00 in the morning!  I hope he made some good tips!
I received some Happy New Year texts at around 10:00--I didn't think at the time that I am two hours behind the east coast.  I wondered at first, for a second, why I was getting them so early.  haha

And, so, today I am catching up on my blog.  I am thinking good thoughts about my loved ones all over the country.  I have many.

I am blessed.

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