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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My New Job

When I walked into the (secured) lobby, I saw my name on this stand, sitting right next to the place where you swipe your card.  I said to the security guards, "Hey!  That's me!"  I was pretty astounded.  They went along with me and pretended to be happy for me (I'm sure they see this all the time).

So...Monday, November 22, 2010 was the start of my new job as Admin/Office Coordinator in the Pharmacy Services division at SelectHealth in Murray, UT.
What a great place!
Of course, I've only worked there for three days (then I had a Thanksgiving holiday), but the first three days were superb.
I've got my own cubby (cubicle), so I'm trying to envision how I will decorate it (tee*hee).
I don't have a computer set-up yet, but I'm using an old laptop; one I will be using to take meeting minutes.  And there are many, many meetings, I've found out.  I do have a phone hooked up.  I haven't completed the training on the phone yet.  Yes, training on how to use the phone.... (it's complicated...)
From what I can gather...SelectHealth is a health insurance company--and it's rated in the Top 5 Places to Work in Utah, voted on by the employees, who, I have gathered, rave about the place--and I work in the Pharmacy division.  It involves a lot of jargon about drugs and drug companies.  I am the admin for the Chief of Pharmacy and the pharmacists and the customer service call center people.  I believe the pharmacy division discusses drugs and puts them in the tiers according to the expense.  The call center people take calls from pharmacists and doctors and customers and answer questions, etc. 
I may be wrong.  I've only been to one staff meeting and some of the lingo went over my head, and, of course, there are lots and lots of acronyms I have not learned the meanings for.
I don't want to talk about it too much because, well, you're not supposed to blog about your job or workplace. 
BUT...I LOVE it!  They seem to be breaking me in easy, which I am thankful for, but next week may prove to be ramped up a bit.  I don't know.
My boss is really nice.  The pharmacists I work with are really nice.  All the others are really nice.
Hey, it's Utah.  EVERYBODY here is really nice!

I hope this was OK to talk about on a blog.  It's all good, right? I don't have anything negative to say.  I am blessed!

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