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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Friends have been asking me why I haven't been writing in my blog. 
"Why did you stop writing?" 
"When are you going to have new entries?"
All of my joyful activities came to a halt this past year--painting, writing--because I needed to get through a trying time. 
"Writing does help," you might suggest.
Yes, it does.
I have been writing, but not joyfully, and certainly not blog-worthy.  I have a lot of private writing from this past year; writing that will probably never be read.  It was therapy for me.  Others would not like to read it, so it is not public.
To describe it as vitriolic would be accurate.
To liken it to hateful would also be on the mark.
I would also portray it as cathartic and as way to give me direction and self-guidance.  It served me well. 

All who write know that moving the pen around, or, in my case, tickling the keys, in thought or ponder, helps one come to conclusions. After all the angst is out, inspiration is found under all the dirt.  It's much like an archeological dig; dirt, dirt, dirt... dig, dig, dig... FIND! *Repeat*

Divorce is a form of grief.  I have been going through many forms of grief in this last year.  I lost a husband, a family structure, a home, a job I loved, an identity...and I moved 2,000+ miles away from where I have lived my whole life, from my extended family and many beloved friends, and from a valuable reputation in the community that I groomed over decades.
But God knows best and He has a plan for me.
I wondered why all of this happened, led by promptings of the Holy Ghost.  A friend gave me an answer...God will not be mocked.

And so, my new life begins.
And writing is still requisite I am slowly rediscovering. 
I am letting that joy back in...

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