Requisit Respite

Monday, June 14, 2010

I MISS TIMMY AGAIN, Elder Knight left for his mission early this morning.
He gave an awesome talk in sacrament meeting yesterday.
Beverly said he sounded more like a returned missionary.  I thought so, too, but...he's my son, so...

Tim', Elder Knight's not much of a talker--at least to me.  I feel like I'm always interrupting his silence by asking him questions, only to be told, "I don't know," usually.  It was such a pleasure to hear about his deep inner feelings and see some emotion--good emotion--come to the surface yesterday.  I will treasure that little piece of time.  Perhaps when he returns from his mission he will be more willing to share, but it's doubtful.  His older sister, most like him, is not forthcoming with tales of her life--unless it's on Facebook or her blog.  Thus, I lurk.

I will be so happy to receive e-mails every week--EVERY WEEK!!!--from Elder Knight.  He HAS to write to me. mmmuuuaaahhhhahhh...  Perhaps he will then share his inner feelings again.  A glimpse is all I ask.  just a glimpse...just a glimpse...such a gift...

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