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Monday, May 25, 2009

How to Make a Card Pop: One Stroke Tip of the Day

When I'm done painting, I inevitably have leftover paint. Who wants to throw paint away, right?
So I get a piece of card stock and start painting butterflies (or random flowers). I fill up the card and use all the paint on my palette and blend blend blend.
When I'm done filling the card, I cut them all out and put them in a small zip-lock bag.

(cut out butterflies)
Then I can add the three-dimensional effect to the card I'm painting by attaching a butterfly with a pop-dot.

This one has cut-out pansies that have been attached with pop-dots as well. The butterfly is waiting in the wings....
It gives the card just the color it needs and adds to the overall arrangement.


Pauline Liske said...

I really like this concept, I am forever throwing out paint and this is a great way to save paint and also have some extra images to use later.

Susan said...

Hi, Pauline,
I just saw this comment. Thanks so much for giving me your feedback.