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Monday, May 28, 2012

It's been so long since I blogged. It's really a good thing. I've been working on my book. I went to the LDStorymakers conference at the beginning of May, pitched to Lisa Mangum of Deseret Book and she wants three chapters and a query letter.  I have to work on that!
I'm not saying Deseret Book will publish it, but it's an LDS fiction, so some LDS publisher will have to pick it up, if any.  Better to pitch to the best, right?

After my last PT session my back went out. I did some therapy that had me pulling something from side to side. I totally forgot I can't do anything side to side because of my bulging disk problem. Yeah, it was a problem. I even missed a day of work.

So, today, on this glorious Memorial Day, sun shining, 76 degree, perfect day, I decided to do some gardening. I planted three plants and as I stretched to do something, the disk bulged again. Yuck. I'm spending this day on ice, whoozy from pain killers and muscle relaxer. I did go outside, trepidly, and sat in my anti-gravity chair and just let the sun shine on me.

I said to my son, "Why do I always have to be in pain?  What is this curse?"  Then I realized, "Hmm...I'm experiencing something that hurts more than my foot!"  Revelation!

So, before I was able to do a little planting and the side garden looks nice and the front garden reseeded itself. I have pansies and Johnny-Jump-Ups all in a row as if they were planted that way.

It actually looks better now. I don't know if I have an updated picture.

I hope all my followers don't get impatient with me for posting pictures of my garden again this year. I can't help it. I love flowers and they make me happy--and I'm all about being happy :)

I must have been in a pink/purple mood when I planted these gardens. I found that almost everything that's blooming this year is pink or purple. The miniature lilac bush is a little different from a normal lilac. The flowers are very lacy--and the perfume!!! I only had three stems in a vase and I had to move it out into the garage. The fragrance was so overwhelming. That never happens to me with a normal lilac. But I put it in the guest bathroom and that seemed to downplay the scent in the rest of the house.  But aren't they lovely?

Gotta get back on the heating pad now. I hope I can write later.

Thanks to HF for all my blessings. I am not forgetting.

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Sally said...

Your garden looks lovely. Take care of your back.