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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

April in the Mountains (2011)

On Fort Union Blvd. crossing Wasatch Blvd.  It's a fault!!!
(This blog post was first written on April 30th but I had some problems with posting it.  Hopefully it will work out this time.)

On April 17th I went to church with Zannah and Nick because they were speaking at their ward.  After church I decided to take a ride up Fort Union Blvd., up the canyon.  It looked like the street went right through the mountains--and it did!
I decided I would stop along the way and take some photos, even though my camera's battery was dying.  There was snow on the mountains and I thought I might get close enough to it.  I heard there was still skiing going on, so there had to be snow up there. 
I didn't have much gas, so I couldn't go far.  It was just a little Sunday drive.

Oh, lovely...I just crossed a fault. Wonderful. There's a fault really close to my house.

This is just an inspiring picture I took along the way.

I finally found a mountain stream.  The water was very fast and furious.  I've been told there's going to be a lot of flooding when all the snow on the mountains finally melts.  I heard tell there is about 200 feet of snow on the mountains.      

And it just snowed again today! April 30th!  
Hyacinth in the snow. April 30, 2011.

That's Minnie in the lower left.  There was snow on the mountains and I wanted to find it.
Little did I know, there would be snow on the mountains until June!  Whenever it rains in the valley, it snows in the mountains.  I'm told this has been an unusual year with rainfall.

I was looking for snow along the riverbank.  I found it.  It was quite beautiful.
The whole ride was quite beautiful.
Along the way, as well as not having enough gas, the battery in my camera kept conking out.  I had to keep turning my camera off and on and off and on.  I was patient and I persisted.  It was so gorgeous, I wanted to remember it.

uh-oh...I was parked AND standing--and it was April 17th!

It was a very entertaining and educational trip.  I hope to do more of the same in the months ahead.

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Susan Knight said...

Today is July 10th. There's still snow in the mountains!! I've heard this is the most recorded snow since they started recording weather and snowfall.
It figures!