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Sunday, January 23, 2011

New House?

I am meeting with my Realtor tomorrow to sign papers to buy a house!
It's so exciting!  And scary!
Since I got to Utah I have been looking for: 1. a job; and 2. a house.  So five months has passed and my dreams are coming true.
I got: 1. a great job; and 2. a nice house (I hope).
So, my Realtor told me I should go visit the new ward I will be living in to see how it is.
I arrived at the Midvale East 2nd ward in time for their backwards church of Relief Society first.
When I walked in, all I saw were white-haired women.
"Oh, no..." I thought.  "I look like the youngest one here..."
Then, as the meeting progressed, the room filled up with younger types with children and babies attached.
"Whew..."  I breathed a sigh of relief.
After the opening song and prayer, the R.S. president asked if there were any visitors.
I stood up and introduced myself.  I told them I was looking at a house on Carol Way and I was wondering if there were any tithing discounts if I moved into the ward.
Everyone laughed.
After the lesson a nice sister in front of me told me Gospel Doctrine (Sunday School) was in the R.S. room.  She said, "I'll come sit with you!"
So I moved over and made room for her.  We had a lovely conversation.  She's a widow from southern California originally and lives two doors down from 'my' house.  Her house is the same layout as mine.  She has had boomerang kids live with her--first her son and his family, and now her daughter and her family.  I told her that might happen to me, so I was grateful to hear it wasn't unusual and the house would be perfect for that.
I felt like I had met a kindred spirit.  Then she said she was leaving for a mission to Dallas, TX next Monday.  phooey...I mean, not that she's going on a mission, but that we hit it off and now she won't be there.
Oh well...
Just before sacrament meeting, I sat in front of two families.  They both live in the houses behind 'mine.'  "On the dead end street," they said.  "It's a great neighborhood," they confided as the organ belted out the opening hymn prelude.
After church, I found Brother Powell whom I met last week when I stopped in because I saw all the cars in the parking lot.  It was a funeral!  Br. Powell was telling me about what a great neighborhood and ward it was.  He introduced me to the ward clerk (and others) and told him to get me a Stake Directory. (I think Brother Powell secretly runs the church.)
I followed the ward clerk into his office for a stake directory.
"Am I even allowed to have one?"  I asked, cautiously.  "I'm not a member here yet."
"Oh, that's OK," someone else in the office interjected.  "Here's Bishop Atkinson.  Ask him."
Brother Powell had undoubtedly swept the bishop my way into the clerk's office.  Brother Powell told me he was a big guy, and he was true to his word.  Bishop Atkinson was very kind.  He asked me what brought me here and I told him.  He said he was sorry, but he knew I would do well in the ward.  "Here.  Take this and fill it out and we'll move your records over."
"I haven't moved in yet!"
"That's OK.  Fill it out when you move and then give it to me and we'll sit down and have a chat."
What a great guy!  He was so nice.  A gentle giant, if you will.
On my way out, I met up with Jeanne Gunter again, the mission gal.  I told her I was going to be in the neighborhood tomorrow to sign the papers.  Could I come over and see how her house is decorated? I wanted to see her furniture placements, etc. to give me some ideas since 'my' house is empty.
She said, "Sure!" and she gave me her cell phone number which was not in the directory.
Meanwhile, one of the R.S. counselors came over and joined the conversation.  She said they already had a job picked out for me. 
Did I feel welcomed?
I can't wait to go there!

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