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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kenny Rankin died....

I was so sad to read that Kenny Rankin died.
I have his music on my Playlist and I love the way he plays the guitar and sings.

My friend's son, Eric Forsyth, reminds me of Kenny Rankin a bit; the same carefree and agitated guitar playing and tenor, sometime falsetto, energized voice. You defintely know that when he is playing his guitar and singing he is having the best time. Holy time. Sacred time.

I first saw Kenny Rankin at the Main Point in the late 1970s; a famous place for former hippies like me. My friend, Janet, introduced me to his music. She and I went to the Main Point, an intimate coffehouse atmosphere, to see him perform. He just sat there on a stool, told stories and sang his heart out; easy, carefree, jazzy, folksy -- definitely professional yet fun loving.
Last summer, I got to introduce the music of Kenny Rankin to my new son-in-law, James. Rankin was scheduled to appear at the Washington House in Sellersville. I got 3 tickets. I asked James if he wanted to go. Jewely was in Maine with her friend, Katie, having a last hurrah with her friend before her wedding day. So James pretty much was pining away and had nothing else to do, I'm sure he thought at the time.
I was so glad when he really 'dug' Kenny Rankin. James plays guitar, so he admired his guitar playing. Rankin does a mean "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" -- my favorite rendition of the song. He plays piano, too.

He just sat there on a stool, told stories and sang his heart out; easy, carefree, jazzy, folksy -- -unplugged.

He died of lung cancer. He was only 69. He was only diagnosed 3 weeks ago.
When we saw him last summer he sounded like he was getting over a cold -- or getting one. His voice was raspy but he still nailed his songs. And, of course, the guitar....

Please check out his music. You will love it as much as I do:

Check this out, too:,0,5347669.story

And check out the music of Eric Forsyth at:

You will see what I mean.

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